Let's Talk

Let's Talk
Students who are seeking short-term support while Let's Talk is suspended are welcome to contact the Care Program in the Office for Student Affairs. The mental health professionals in the Care Program can offer you a supportive check-in conversation via phone or Zoom, and can also help you connect with other mental health resources as needed.  Please email us at osacare@umn.edu to request support, or visit our website at care.umn.edu to learn more about our program.. 
For additional counseling resources during this postponement:
  • SCS will be providing counseling to clients who are seeing counselors for ongoing services through Telehealth means
  • The university crisis line is also available 24 hours a day (612-301-4673) or text "UMN" to 61222 
You may also consider online resources, including:
Please know that as COVID-19 news and updates continue to unfold, we may need to make additional changes regarding our services and operations.  We recognize that this is a time of uncertainty and may increase anxiety and distress.  We want you to know that we will do our best to provide continuity of care to students, and we encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns or questions.

Let’s Talk is a program that provides informal drop-in consultations at locations around campus for U of M students throughout the academic year. No appointment is necessary, so you can drop in during the scheduled times. Let’s Talk is not a substitute for formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment, but counselors can listen to specific problems, provide support, help explore solutions and give information about other resources.

Let’s Talk consultations are:

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • No appointment necessary-first-come, first-served basis

Let's Talk is the best fit for:

  • Students who are not sure about counseling and wonder what it’s like to talk with a counselor
  • Students who are not interested in ongoing counseling but would like the perspective of a counselor
  • Students who have a specific problem and would like someone with whom to talk it through
  • Students who have a concern about a friend and want some thoughts about what to do

Let's Talk is not a good fit for:

  • Students experiencing current thoughts of wanting to hurt themselves or someone else
  • Students with concerns for their safety

Let’s Talk is not designed to be a crisis service. If you need to speak with someone more urgently, please utilize the campus and community resources listed at mentalhealth.umn.edu.

Questions about Let’s Talk? Check out the Let's Talk FAQs

Additional questions can be directed to Greg Sawyer, Student Counseling Services Care Coordinator and Let's Talk Coordinator, at sawy0011@umn.edu.

The Let‘s Talk program at UMN is based in part on the Let’s Talk program at Cornell University. With permission, some of the material describing this program has been adapted from the Cornell University Let’s Talk website.

*Please note that counselors are not able to begin new conversations with students within the last 15 minutes of the shift*

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