Direct Service

Interns are expected to schedule 18 direct service hours per week in the following areas:

Individual counseling (10-14 hours/week): 
SCS serves a diverse student population using a brief model of counseling. In addition to providing personal counseling, interns work with students presenting with career and academic concerns. Interns are expected to gain proficiency in psychological testing as part of the assessment process. Interns also receive training in crisis counseling and provide this service during regular hours.

Practicum supervision (1-6 hours/week): 
A major focus of the internship is the development of supervision skills. Interns supervise practicum students from the local APA-accredited counseling programs. We use a small group, live supervision format. Interns initially supervise with a senior psychologist and then take primary responsibility for practicum supervision.

Groups and workshops (2-4 hours/week): 
SCS offers process groups, skill-building groups, support groups and workshops. Interns are expected to co-facilitate a minimum of two groups or workshop series per semester, eventually taking primary responsibility for both.

Outreach/Consultation (0-1 hour/week):
Through this program, interns give presentations and conduct training sessions that emphasize developmental/preventative techniques. You will work with students, faculty, and/or staff in a variety of settings--campus organizations, college departments, staff offices, residence halls, and off-campus locations.