Information for Prior Interns

Many former SCS interns wonder how to get the information they need to apply for licensure. Your records are housed permanently in a secure location at SCS, to ensure access to your records even if your Training Director has transitioned into a new role outside of the University. If you are in need of verification of your internship for a licensing board, please take these steps:

  • Thoroughly review the state board's website for what is being asked of your Training Director or supervisor.
  • Submit the form, with your portion completed, to the current Training Director, Chia-Chen Tu, Ph.D., LP at Even if the board specifically requests information from your supervisor and your supervisor is currently at SCS, all requests go through the Training Director.
  • In your email, please state your needs and timeline, noting that in most cases, it takes at least one week to access and review your record, and provide accurate information that best reflects what the board is requesting. Also share any special requests you have, and a mailing or email address where a copy can be sent for your own personal records.

Every effort will be made to ensure accurate and timely reporting. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Chia-Chen Tu, Ph.D., LP at (612) 624-3323.