Multicultural Services

Both the University of Minnesota and SCS have made an increasing commitment to issues of diversity. At SCS, we have a Multicultural Case Consult which meets monthly to discuss both our own diversity and ways to more effectively serve a diverse student population.

Approximately 44% of our clients identify as ethnically diverse. In addition, we serve a significant number of gay/lesbian/bisexual clients and maintain a close liaison relationship with the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Programs Office. We also serve international students and have active, ongoing liaison relationships with the multicultural offices such as Disability Resource Center; the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence; and the Women's Center.

In addition to in-house monthly professional development seminars for all counseling staff, which often focus on multicultural counseling issues, a focus of the intern seminars is multicultural counseling training. Also, the Minnesota APA-Accreditated Internship consortium sponsors an all-day training for all of our interns on Multicultural Counseling.

Members of our training staff have licensed expertise in counseling students of color and gay/lesbian/bisexual clients and are available for consultation. Staff from multicultural offices also provide training and consultation to SCS.