The SCS training philosophy rests on the belief that each trainee comes to the internship with a unique set of strengths and challenges. Our task is to help each intern identify strengths and gain increasing competency in areas of deficiency. Training is viewed as a developmental process utilizing a variety of methods to achieve identified goals. The role of mentoring is seen as a critical variable in the development of professional psychologists. Values of life-long learning, continuous improvement, reflective clinical practice and affirmation of individual differences are inherent in our training philosophy and day-to-day practice.

In accordance with APA Ethical Standard 7, Item 7.04, the SCS training staff does not require the disclosure of many forms of personal information. In our training program, we believe that trainees can benefit, however, from sharing some forms of personal information. For example, counselors' personal reactions in the therapy room may provide valuable information about the course of therapy. SCS also values the exploration of cultural diversity through our Multicultural Case Consult and individual counseling supervision; these opportunities represent avenues where trainees and staff can exchange information about their own diverse identities with others.