Practicum Training Additional Requirements

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Practicum Training Additional Requirements for Trainees Fulfilling LPC Requirements

Practicum trainees who are enrolled in graduate programs requiring practica to fulfill LPC requirements can complete a 700-hour practicum at SCS with at least 125 of those hours providing direct service to students. Spread over the Spring and Fall semesters, the practicum consists of 23 hours of weekly supervised practice and preparation which includes the following:

  • Core Practicum
  • Learning Assistance: Practicum trainees provide learning assistance to students who are seeking these services through the Student Academic Success Services (SASS) at SCS. Weekly group supervision is provided by an experienced SASS instructor.
  • LASk 1101 instruction: Practicum trainees provide instruction in this study skills course designed for students who are either on, or at risk for being on, academic probation. Weekly group supervision will be provided by an experienced SASS instructor.

Other learning opportunities are also available, including providing outreach to the University community and participating in an Academic Assessment Package that is offered to students by SCS.  These activities are also supervised.

Description of the Core Practicum
Eligibility and Application Process