Selection Process

As a minimum qualification for entrance to the internship program, you must be enrolled in a counseling or clinical psychology doctoral program. Supervised practicum totaling a minimum of 1000 hours (400 AAPI Intervention and Assessment Hours) must be completed before the start of the internship. SCS interns must be admitted to candidacy by the ranking deadline. SCS, as a member of APPIC, participates in the Internship Matching Program. All applicants must obtain an Applicant Agreement and register for the match to be eligible for our internship site. The Applicant Agreement can be downloaded from the matching program website at or by contacting National Matching Service at 416-977-3431 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

An Intern Selection Committee, comprised of senior staff and interns, evaluates applications. Successful applicants have had previous experience in a university counseling center and/or extensive experience in student affairs in higher education. Experience in career and academic counseling is also highly desirable. Applicants who receive the highest ratings will be invited to participate in a telephone interview.

In keeping with our social justice values, we conduct interviews over the telephone in order to provide an equivalent experience for all interviewees. We have moved to offering an Open House in lieu of campus visits. Interested applicants who are asked to interview will have an opportunity to meet with the Training Director, staff, and current interns. You will also be given a tour of our counseling center and may elect to take a tour of the University while you are here. It will be held at a date to be determined. Please understand that in order to not give unfair advantage to those with more financial resources, this is not considered part of the interview. This is simply an opportunity for those who are invited to interview to have a chance to see our facilities and to assist those who feel this would help with their decision-making process. Please contact Chia-Chen Tu for further questions about the Open House. If you would like to talk by telephone with a specific staff member or intern, please call our main number (612-624-3323) and ask a receptionist to connect you. We encourage you to do everything you need to learn about and feel comfortable with our site.