Counseling Staff

Leslie Bautista, Psy.D., L.P.


Staff Psychologist. Clinical Psychology, Wright State University School of Professional Psychology.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Interests: Interpersonal violence, trauma, gender issues, diversity and multicultural awareness, training and supervision of psychology trainees. Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Member: MPA, AWP, NLPA.

Sarra Beckham-Chasnoff, Ph.D., L.P., L.M.F.T.


Senior Supervising Psychologist. Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Indiana State University.

Interests: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender psychology; feminist psychology; clinical supervision; grief counseling. Member: AWP, LGBT Mental Health Providers' Network.

Chih-Yu Chen, B.A.

Chih-Yu Chen

Counselor. Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Anshan Moore Eckard, Ph.D., L.P.

Anshan Moore Eckard

Staff Psychologist. Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Arizona State University.
Pronouns: She/Her

Interests:  My strengths and interests lie in helping students get a better understanding of themselves and how they can make the changes that they desire.  I like to work with students to look at what they value, and whether they are taking action that is in line with those values. I often feel that depression and anxiety comes from a long list of "shoulds" – what others expect of us, and what we think others are doing.  I like helping students increase their confidence so that they can be better students, family members, partners, and friends. 

To do this, I also incorporate who the student is when they walk in – all of their identities and what meaning it has for them.  My passion is in multicultural issues, work/life balance, career issues, first generation college student concerns, and perinatal mental health, among other things.  My time outside of work is spent running, knitting cool things, growing vegetables and flowers in the summer, biking with my young children, and generally enjoying the Twin Cities.

Danny Elenz, M.A.

Danny Elenz

Intake Counselor. Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas.

Alexa Fetzer, Ph.D., L.P.


Interim Training Director, Staff Psychologist. Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, University at Albany, SUNY.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Interests: Clinical supervision and training, diversity awareness and social justice issues, group counseling, emotion regulation, mindfulness, identity development, interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression.  Member:  APA (9, 17), MPA.

Mark Groberski, Ph.D., L.P.


Staff Psychologist; Coordinator, Advanced Practicum Program. Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Loyola Loyola University of Chicago. 1996 - Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, APA College of Professional Psychology.

Interests: Substance abuse assessment, intervention, and prevention; clinical supervision and training; psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and integrative approaches to therapy; harm reduction; stages of change; motivational interviewing; LGBT issues. Member: APA; APA Divisions 29 and 50 (Education and Training Committee Member).

Vesna Hampel-Kozar, Ph.D., L.P.

Vesna Hampel-Kozar

Staff Psychologist; Coordinator, St. Paul Office. Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Iowa State University.

Interests: Relationships with self and others, adjustment to college, navigating significant life change, graduate and professional school student concerns, career development, managing anxiety, multicultural and social justice issues, clinical supervision and training. Member: APA, MPA.

Nina Hernandez Beithon, M.S.W., L.G.S.W.

Nina Hernandez Beithon

Diversity Liaison Counselor. M.S.W. Social Work, University of Minnesota.
Pronouns: She/Her

Interests: My work is deeply rooted in relationships, as I believe that healing happens in relationship with others and ourselves. I approach therapy with a social justice and anti-oppressive lens which includes a profound understanding of the systems at play that impact students from oppressed communities. My personal and professional work also includes macro-level work to change systems at a larger institutional level in addition to individual counseling work. As a mixed (Mexican/White) person I am committed to serving students from a variety of backgrounds and enjoy co-creating and exploring together in therapy what healing looks like for you. I take a holistic approach to healing as I believe that our mental well-being is strongly connected and in balance with other life components including academics, spirituality, politics, relationships, finances and physical health. I provide therapy in English and Spanish.

My professional interests include:  race-based traumatic stress, student activism, police violence, political-based oppression, Latinx populations and issues, oppression fatigue, indigenous and students of color populations and issues, traditional indigenous healing practices, interpersonal trauma, inter-generational and/or historical trauma, gender-based violence (domestic and sexual violence), self-esteem, body positivity, identity exploration, LGBTQ populations and issues,  harm reduction, and cultural adjustment for 1st generation college students.

Glenn Hirsch, Ph.D., L.P.


Senior Psychologist, SCS Director. Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Kansas.
Pronouns:  He/Him/His

Interests: Using psychological interventions to increase academic success and work competency; emotional, motivational and cognitive factors influencing academic and job performance; skills training (time/stress management, communication etc.); organizational development focusing on team building and productivity issues; men's issues. Member: MPA, APA, AUCCCD, IAAP.

Molly King, M.A., L.P.C.C.


Counselor, Case Manager. M.A. Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Interests: Emotional health; mindfulness; cultural sensitivity; self-acceptance & compassion; anxiety & stress management; spirituality; positive psychology; coping with chronic illness; interpersonal relationships and effectiveness; and career development. Member: APA.

Courtney Padgen, M.A.

Courtney Padgen

Counselor. Clinical Psychology, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Jodi Pendroy, Psy.D., L.P.

Jodi Pendroy

Staff Psychologist. Psy.D. Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas.
Pronouns: She/Her

Interests: Jodi believes therapy is most effective when conducted in an open, safe, and nurturing environment with respect given to the strengths, wisdom, and humanity of each client. Professional interests include working with suicidal college students, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, identity exploration, existential issues, addictions, and sexual identity, with specific focus on well-being, balance, self-care, compassion, and self acceptanceNarrative therapy, GLBT affirmative counseling, multi-cultural counseling, anxiety/stress management, spirituality. Member: APA, AGPA.

Rita Sandidge, M.A.

Rita Sandidge

Graduate Assistant Fellow, St. Paul Office. Ph.D. Student, Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology-Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Interests: Multicultural counseling and social justice, mental health, college student development, life transitions and loss, coping and resiliency, interpersonal relationships and effectiveness, academic skills. 

Jerry Shih, Ph.D., L.P.

Jerry Shih

Senior Psychologist, Assistant Director/Clinical Director. Ph.D. Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Interests: Narrative therapy, GLBT affirmative counseling, multi-cultural counseling, anxiety/stress management, spirituality. Member: APA (17, 44, 52), ACCCCS.

Chia-Chen Tu, Ph.D, L.P.


Staff Psychologist. Ph.D. Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota.
Pronouns: She/Her

Interests:  Grief and loss, trauma, mindfulness and relaxation skills, cultural adjustment and identity development for international students and first generation college students, training and supervision of psychology trainees, diversity awareness and social justice training. Member: APA, MPA.

Brenna Wernersbach, Ph.D., L.P.

Brenna Wernersbach

Outreach Coordinator, Staff Psychologist. Ph.D. Combined Clinical/Counseling/School Psychology,  Utah State University.
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them

Interests: My approach to psychology and counseling is largely guided by social justice, feminist, and multicultural principles.  It is important to me to address systemic inequality in our communities, including campus community, to improve our social environment, as I believe this contributes to our collective well-being.  This is why I am happy to be the outreach coordinator at SCS, where in addition to providing individual and group counseling, I am able to get involved across campus beyond our office in destigmatizing mental health and engaging in community education and prevention work.  When I’m not working, I’m often reading a book for one of the many book clubs I attend, hanging out with my cats, or playing Dungeons & Dragons.

My professional interests include: sexual health and functioning, gender exploration and transition, queer affirmative counseling and advocacy, identity development and exploration, intersectionality, group counseling, workshop development, and ally education. 


Predoctoral Staff

Michael S. Butchko, M.A., Ph.D. Candidate

Michael Butchko

Psychology Intern - Counseling Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Pronouns:  He/Him/His

Interests:  College adjustment, identity development, men’s health, interpersonal relationships, family of origin concerns, positive psychology, mindfulness and relaxation skills, self-compassion, body image and eating disorders, and LGBTQ affirmative counseling. Member: APA, MPA

Jennifer (Dillon) Hovey, M.A., Psy.D. Candidate

Jenny Dillon

Psychology Intern - Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas

Interests:  Health psychology, positive psychology, social justice, trauma, posttraumatic growth, resiliency, identity development, multicultural and diversity issues, gender and sexuality, anxiety and motivation. Member: APA, MPA

Stephanie Michaels, M.A., Psy.D. Candidate

Stephanie Michaels

Psychology Intern - Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas

Interests:  Perfectionism, anxiety, identity and development, multicultural and diversity issues, objectification and body image, gender roles, trauma, interpersonal relationships,mindfulness, loss and transition. Member: APA

Lauren Scholder, M.A., Psy.D. Candidate

Lauren Scholder

Psychology Intern - Clinical Psychology, Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
Pronouns: She/Her

Interests:  Family and relationship concerns, trauma; identity development, multicultural and diversity issues, self-care development and stress management.

Advanced Practicum Trainees

Practicum Trainees

Audrey Blankenheim

Audrey Blankenheim

Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Christine Wu

Christine Wu

Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Administrative Staff