Anshan Moore Eckard, Ph.D., L.P.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Staff Psychologist.
Education:  Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Arizona State University.

About Me:  My time outside of work is spent running, knitting cool things, growing vegetables and flowers in the summer, biking with my young children, and generally enjoying the Twin Cities.

Professional Interests:  My strengths and interests lie in helping students get a better understanding of themselves and how they can make the changes that they desire.  I like to work with students to look at what they value, and whether they are taking action that is in line with those values. I often feel that depression and anxiety comes from a long list of "shoulds" – what others expect of us, and what we think others are doing.  I like helping students increase their confidence so that they can be better students, family members, partners, and friends. 

To do this, I also incorporate who the student is when they walk in – all of their identities and what meaning it has for them.  My passion is in multicultural issues, work/life balance, career issues, first generation college student concerns, and perinatal mental health, among other things.

Anshan Moore Eckard