Jerry Shih, Ph.D., L.P.

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Assistant/Clinical Director, Senior Psychologist.
Education: Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota

About Me: I am the first person in my family who was born in the United States, and I identify as Asian- and European-American, having both Chinese and Western European ancestry.  I grew up in an ethnically and culturally diverse community in New York City where I learned the importance of having respect for people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The purpose of counseling is to help people make positive change; in counseling we focus on changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are causing problems.  The counseling process is one of exploring and gaining insight about oneself and one’s situation, and then taking action based on the insight gained.  I believe that counseling is successful when we agree on the goals we are working on and the strategies used to reach those goals, and our working relationship is characterized by mutual liking, trust and respect.  

Professional Interests: I enjoy helping students make steady progress towards their goals, which vary from person to person.  Some examples are: to reduce and manage symptoms of depression and/or anxiety; to heal from a relationship breakup; to improve academic performance; to find a satisfying career path; to improve social skills; to resolve an interpersonal problem; to feel good about oneself.   No matter what problems you may have and what your counseling goals may be, I start with a practical solution-focused approach, first doing my best to understand what you have been experiencing, and then working with you to tackle those problems and to improve your mental, emotional and behavioral health.

Jerry Shih