Supervision & Training

Interns receive the following supervision and training:

Individual supervision: For two hours each week, you will meet with your primary supervisor in an individual supervisory session. Doctoral-level licensed psychologists will discuss your clinical work, review recordings of your sessions, and help you further develop your interests and skills.

Supervision of supervision: Intern supervisors meet weekly with a senior supervisor to discuss models of supervision and to receive supervision on their supervision of practicum students.

Supervision of group counseling: Interns meet weekly with the Groups Coordinator for training and supervision on their group work.

Research seminar: The intern group meets bi-weekly with a staff member for assistance with dissertation or other research.

Outreach/Consultation supervision: Interns meet bi-weekly with the Director of Consultation, Outreach, and Diversity Program.

Consultation group: The interns meet every other week to present and discuss clinical work with senior staff.

Topical seminars: Weekly intern seminars are arranged around a theme such as multicultural competency, professional issues, assessment, and empirically-supported treatments. Some seminars are conducted jointly with the counseling center at the University of St. Thomas. Seminars are taught by university and community mental health professionals noted for expertise in their fields.

Intern check-in: The intern group meets one hour per week with the Director of Training to check-in and discuss the internship experience.

Evaluation: At SCS, feedback and evaluation are valued as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. Our structured evaluations include the following:

  1. Pre and post intern self-assessment of skills
  2. Intern evaluation of orientation
  3. Intern learning contact
  4. Intern and supervisor written evaluations of each other for individual supervision, supervision of group counseling, supervision of practicum supervisors, outreach supervision and research seminar.
  5. Intern evaluation of the semesters' experience
  6. Brief evaluation of each seminar
  7. Final evaluation of internship

Copies of supervisor evaluations are sent to your Academic Training Director at the end of each semester.