Training Model

The SCS internship is an enactment of the local clinical scientist model of training (Stricker & Trierweiler, 1995; Trierweiler & Stricker, 1998). The model reflects the integration of scientific research, professional scientific practice, as well as setting-specific data in the application of scientific principles in clinical practice.

The SCS internship has three broad goals:

  1. A developmental sequence of training in entry-level counseling skills, with an emphasis on providing services in a university setting.
  2. Development of multicultural awareness and skills.
  3. Socialization into professional psychology.

SCS uses a brief approach to counseling. Clients and counselors set mutually agreed-upon goals following the initial assessment process and work toward achieving those goals. While it is anticipated that most clients will be served in a time-limited approach, some clients may be seen over a longer period of time.

Our training philosophy emphasizes the application of scientific inquiry to clinical practice, building on existing competencies of interns, continuous improvement of the program via regularly scheduled evaluation and providing the conditions to foster ongoing professional learning.