Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is a program that provides informal virtual and in person drop-in consultations for U of M students throughout the academic year. No appointment is necessary, so you can drop in during the scheduled times. Let’s Talk is not a substitute for formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment, but counselors can listen to specific problems, provide support, help explore solutions and give information about other resources. 

Let's Talk is not designed to provide crisis support-if you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis please utilize one of these resources.

Masks are welcome but not required for an in-person Let's Talk session. Our counselors will wear a mask upon request

Let's Talk sessions will be held virtually and in-person
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getting started

3 Step Process


Marnie Andrews


Hybrid - in-person at CSE Office Lind Hall 105 and


Zoom Link

Canceled (2/19)


Ned McCully 
2PM-4PM Virtual
Zoom Link

Jake Loeffler
3:00PM-4:30PM In-person Rec Well 370D





Chia-Chen Tu

9AM-10AM on 2/20

Canceled 2/27, 3/5, & 3/12

Zoom Link


Greg Sawyer

3:00PM-4:30PM Hybrid (Virtual and in-person)

Zoom Link

and 135 Appleby Hall



Cyndi Kimball

9AM-11AM Virtual

Zoom Link


Nina Hernandez Beithon


135 Appleby Hall

Canceled (2/21)


Chia-Chen Tu

4PM-5:30PM Virtual

Canceled 2/21, 2/28 & 3/6






Kevin Xiong

9AM-11AM Virtual

Zoom Link

Mae Moua

1PM-3:00PM Virtual

Zoom Link

Siming Xie

2PM-4PM (hybrid of virtual and in-person)

ISSS Office (190 Hubert H. Humphrey School), 301 19th Ave S. Room 190B

Zoom Link

Canceled (2/22)



Meredith Martyr

9AM-11AM Virtual

Zoom Link

(Canceled 2/23)

Sumitra Madhuri Ramachandran

1PM-3PM Virtual

Zoom Link